Last Updated: Sep 27 2009 3:11PM
WPBA World Rules

SOPL Rules

The SOPL plays by the WPA World Rules of Pool as published by the CCS.
A copy of the World Rules can be had from the main CCS website which we have a link to on the home page.
We have no local exceptions to these rules except in our handling of coaching.
Please note that the rules were revised and there have been some subtle changes.

One change we are adopting for the 2009/10 year is to "rack your own".
Both of our sanctioning bodies use this and it does help to speed up the game.

It has been mentioned that several teams have been using coaching excessively. This has the result of slowing down the pace (a form of sharking) and making the matches longer than needed. We will be reviewing our rules about coaching at the first Board of Governors meeting but in the meantime please try to keep all coaching to a discretionary 1 min. or so.


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