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New Session

2015 League format

SOPL 2015-16 League format:
Every year at our opening General meeting, we discuss ideas and options to tweak or league.
This meeting is on Sept. 14th, 2015 and any changes will be posted here.

Our current format is as follows:

We are an team format traveling 8 ball league playing out of multiple venues in Penticton. Four to seven players per team.
Sixteen game format; max. 5 players/match sharing 16 games (max. 4 games / match / player)
Handicap system: 17 point system - 10 points for the win + balls left on the table awarded to the winner.

We use the World Standard Rules of Pool as published by the CCS.

Finances: We will pay out team placement in the regular season as well as divisional placement and tournament winners.
Three chances for winning
Adding prizes:
***Top Avg prize per team prize to encourage team competition
***League top average in A/B and C (TBA)
***ERO A payout starts at 5 ERO, B Starts at 4 ERO and C starts at 2 ERO
***We are also paying out entries into tournaments in an attempt to encourage players to attend tournaments to represent SOPL. We hope to do this fair for all players as well as sending top players and teams. We also wish to send a teams to CCS Vancouver Island this year so we will put forward some $ towards teams attending. We won’t be able to pay for the entire costs but as a league contributing something towards players representing our league we feel is an important aspect we wish to return to SOPL. We used to only pay trips to Vegas but since 9/11 we have gone to cash payouts. We are working towards more trip or entry based payouts.

Team Expectations:
We expect every team to show up ready to play by match time.
Substitute players need to be league members and play their average +2. Subs are allowed once per year.
Every player, including subs, must be sanctioned league members. No more grabbing any random player for the night. If you cannot get a league member to sub for a missing player you play short.
We expect each team to provide their own stats weekly through the email we provide weekly by printing them or using a wireless device to retrieve them from your email.
All communication will be done through emails or on the Penticton Pool Scene, no more printed newsletters.
At least 24 hours warning is required to reschedule a match. We are implementing a 2 week window for all matches to be played.
Failure to play a match within 2 weeks of the scheduled time will result in both teams forfeiting.
Matches are played with the latest stats provided.

We sanction the league with both the CCS and the BCAPL. Both organizations require sanctioning after 3 weeks of play.
We need every player to pay the $40 registration fee by Oct 5th; no exceptions. Any active player who has not paid by then will have previous games forfeited.
Every new player joining after Oct 5th must pay $40 reg on first night of play or scores will not count.
Max 7 players on a team roster.
New players to SOPL start at our league avg of TBA.
If you have ever played in SOPL contact us for your avg.


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